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TGRT is an innovative project offering Gold Processing as a Service across a series of gold processing hubs located around the world.


/ The Gold Rush Token LTD
TGRT Limited, was incorporated to bringing gold prospecting to the masses through innovative blockchain technology. By developing TGRT’s Private Blockchain Protocol, TGRT will provide Nu Fortune Gold Ltd with the research and technological work to put TGRT, Nu Fortune Gold and GRX on to the blockchain, bringing trust, transparency and efficiency to the Clean Mining™ supply chain. This provides provenance to the Clean Gold™ verification and certification process and allows prospectors to process gold from the comfort of their homes. TGRT will operate out of a contractual agreement with Nu Fortune Gold, where a percentage of Nu Fortune Gold’s gold processing capacity will be allocated to TGRT. TGRT will also manage the initial coin offering (ICO) of the TGRT project.
Client The Gold Rush Token
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Our solution

New Technology – Clean Mining
Developed New Business Model for TGRT; Clean Mining Hub
Commercial Scale Development
Blockchain Technology Solution for Provenance; Audit; Tracking
Application Development
UI/UX Design of the Application


TGRT has a new business model and blockchain technology solution for its business model.

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