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A vision for smart transportation
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AmornRattanaKosin (ARK) aim to bring public transportation industry into the 21st century through the use of technology and big data.

Raymond Chee

/ Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – ARK
ARK envisions the modernization of the public transportation system in Thailand and beyond by building a business model that fundamentally shifts the focus from the operator to the commuters on the public transportation network.

By doing so, data becomes the currency of ARK, bringing with it untold possibilities and new revenue opportunities that will allow ARK to grow strength in strength without the limitations of a physical asset base vehicles. ARK is Public Transportation Reimagined.

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Our solution

Declining Ridership
Identified New Monetization Paths For ARK
Falling Revenue
Identified New Monetization Paths For ARK
Traffic Jams
Developed New Business Model for Public Transportation
Lack of Public Transportation Information
Development of Blockchain Based Data Trading Platform


ARK has an innovative business model for public transportation. ARK has new monetization paths.

How our services bring about success